Thursday, June 28, 2012


Oopsie, guess I forgot to post here. Maybe because there weren't any real updates. I am working on a new Portfolio that matches this blog, though it doesn't seem to fit. I might have to think of something else.

Yesterday I finally got to meet an actual freelance illustrator and got some insight! Stefan Dinter had a speech at our school, it was really uplifting and fun! There is more to it than I thought, with all the contracting, billing and insuring stuff...
I think I might have to contact him and ask for most of that again. I wan't able to memorize all of it. I was going to give him my portfolio in form of a small booklet after his speech, but apparently it turned out  he had forgotten to bring is work examples to show pricing guidelines, so he used mine. It was a huge confidence boost! He liked the different styles, but I need to get faster at finishing pieces. So I will focus on that for now and maybe next year, I'll try to conact publishing houses and magazines. I'm not even sure if that's realistic at all or if I even have a chance.

But I'm simply not a graphic designer. I am great with photoshop, but I don't enjoy pushing pixels around on the screen and manipulating people into buying things with advertisement. The job I am learning to do isn't what I want to achieve in life. I'd rather just illustrate children's books, magazines or whatever it takes, even if it means having client-less phases. The dream of working at Disney one day is still a faint star very, very far away, but the dream of being an illustrator doesn't seem to be so farfetch'd anymore...

Thats about it for today,

Have some recent work:

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  1. Toller blog! Vor allem deine Tier-Illustrationen finde ich genial! Bin schon gespannt auf die nächsten updates :)