Thursday, July 28, 2011


So here I go. =)
Welcome to my blog!
What is this for? Well, for a number of things. For one thing I want to share sketches, ideas, tips, tutorials and thoughts on art and illustration with you. For another: I am looking to become hired as a freelance childrensbook illustrator and to work my way up to the top. And I want you to be able accompany me on this journey. I want to share with you which publishers I contact, if i get hired and what for. If I actually make it, I want to be able to help you acquiring the same thing.
For now, I have contacted a big german book publishing house and they are very interested in hiring me - but only if I prove to have the ability of adapting to different artstyles, and not only things similar to Disney style.
So this is my quest: Get away from Disney style, and test as many different illustration styles as I can. Try new things! Get inspired! And then contact them again.
Wish me luck!

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